What if UNF had a football program...

"Navy Midshipmen Storm Jacksonville"

Why is the matchup special?

When you couple the location with the opponent, Navy vs. UNF presents a unique opportunity for a special game with added meaning.  An opportunity for us to say “Thank You” for the service of the Navy and an opportunity for some of Navy’s players to visit a place they’ll potentially be stationed. 


This meeting could be a very special one.  One with us (city/school) playing the role of gracious host.  NAS contributing a special flyover, preshow, or halftime show.  Scheduling UF and Navy in the first year would be a schedule coup de gras. 

This match-up (as our home game) could be made into a REALLY special event.  A pre-game ceremony an hour or two before the start that commemorates and emphasizes the importance of the U.S. Navy could lead to a return date.  If not, it would be something to remember as a one-off.

A half-time show that’s “made for TV” would be essential. Making this the same week as the NAS Air Show would be enough to make this truly a special event.  And then all of this capped off with the Sunday air show.


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October 8th, 2010


October 23rd, 2010



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