What if UNF had a football program...

"UNF STUNS Notre Dame!!"

Why should we play them?

Remember now, money and national recognition are going to get us where we want to go; increased funding for research, increased enrollment, and increased perception (which will make your resume look better, alumni).


Notre Dame has every one of its games televised. Because of this, the money and national recognition part is simple. Why would I want to play them all 12 games? THEY ARE BEATABLE. We could play Alabama every game and still might not keep it within 2 touchdowns, but Notre Dame is still going through rebuilding and Weis-flushing. Brian Kelly will have to get rid of Charlie Weis' recruits and mentality before much change will happen. Until then, I'd love to have them on our schedule. We play them 12 times, we win at least 6.



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October 8th, 2010


October 23rd, 2010



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