What if UNF had a football program...

Ospreys vs the Gators!

Why should they play us?

Essentially, it's a Home game for the visiting Gators.  With as many UF alumni now living in Jax and the surrounding areas, our stadium would be far from a hostile location.  Unfortunately, a scene where there is more orange and blue than blue and gray is very likely, but acceptable…for now.  Florida normally opens with a weak team and for a couple of years the Ospreys will fit this description.  This early season game also gives UF an early look/trip to EverBank Field thus giving them an advantage of sorts in the FL v GA game (having been victorious earlier in the year in the same stadium).


The drawback and obstacle to Florida leading off with an away game is the financial aspect of it. Sure, it's virtually a guaranteed win, but it could possibly be at the cost of forsaking a home game. 2010 their away games were Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Florida State - 5 conference games and the rivalry game - so there is no possibility of cutting there.


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October 8th, 2010

October 23rd, 2010


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