What if UNF had a football program...

North versus South!

Why should we play them?


The first year, our inaugural year, it's important to have a couple of key tone setting games. There are 4 of those games on the schedule: Florida, Navy, USF, and JU. These are games with extra meaning to them.


I’d like to make this the last game of the season, but I couldn’t see them having us on the schedule then – rankings at stake.  There seems to be a bit more lenience during “rivalry week” toward playing "weaker" teams, so we could end up on their schedule then.  Once we grow up, this could end up at the end of the season.  North v South, come on?  How hard is that one to sell?


Just writing North vs South probably caused kinfolk somewhere to breakout the fisticuffs!  This isn’t a “wannabe” rivalry this is a part of our makeup.

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October 8th, 2010


October 23rd, 2010



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